At Goutami, Glaucoma Screening is done for all patients. Dilated fundus examination and intraocular pressure measurement are part of the protocol of out-patient examination procedure. Glaucoma Diagnostics The Institute has some of the latest equipment to detect Glaucoma early, viz., Ocular Coherence Tomograpghy Visual Field Analyser GDx 11 Laser and Surgical Management The laser procedure required for closed or narrow angle glaucoma are routinely done and the Institute is known for handling complicated glaucoma surgical procedures, viz.,
  • Trabeculectomies with Mitomycin C
  • Combined SICS-Trabeculectomies
  • Combined Phaco-Trabeculectomies
  • Ahmed implants
  • Goniotomies and Trabeculotomies for paediatric glaucoma
Glaucoma in Children The Institute has expertise to handle glaucoma in children. The meticulous interventions needed are taken-up. Living well with Glaucoma The Institute is planning to initiate an informal group among the glaucoma diagnosed patients of the region. The objective is to make the patients with glaucoma to have better understanding of the disease and support in the form of regular follow-up and medications.